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Tampa Impact Windows

Are you looking for high-quality replacement windows for your Tampa home? Home Performance Alliance has got you covered. Since 2011, our top-rated team has been designing and installing high-quality impact windows that meet the unique style and performance needs of all our customers. 

Over the years, we have become a recognized ENERGY STAR® Partner and a GuildQuality Member. Most importantly, we have earned the trust and respect of local homeowners just like you!

When you choose our Tampa team, you can enjoy comprehensive impact window installations that include:

Superior Hurricane Protection in Tampa

Hurricane windows by HPA are designed to meet the performance needs of every homeowner across Tampa. Our DuraShield Impact Windows come in three different levels of durability including Non-Coastal, Level-D Coastal, and High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). 

At each level, our windows have passed the ASTM Large Missile impact test and are proven to withstand wind speeds of 134 mph, 163 mph, and 175 mph, respectively. These windows are AAMA Gold Label-certified for their incomparable structural integrity. 

Safety and Security Features

Outdated single-pane windows may seem safe enough for your home, but you may be surprised to discover how easily they can be breached—even when locked. HPA offers durable security windows that are designed to deter home invasions by making it much harder to break in.

Our new and improved DuraShield V Impact Windows aim to stop criminals in their tracks by fortifying your entry points. Additionally, we utilize a strong locking mechanism that makes access from the exterior virtually impossible. 

Exclusive Impact Window Benefits

HPA's impact windows are the perfect blend of style, security, and durability. Our advanced engineering system utilizes several pieces of glass that encase a resilient plasticized interlayer—which is 3x thicker than a car windshield!

Our laminated glass and virgin vinyl interlayer will remain intact even if the glass is broken. Our impact-resistant glass meets industry codes, including the American Society of Testing Materials standard for preventing forced entry (ASTM F1233) and the Burglary Resistant Glazing Material guidelines issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL 972).

Impact Windows Options and Materials

Our team offers a variety of impact windows options and materials to ensure you get the windows you want. Between virgin vinyl sash frames with multiple chambers, custom colors, unique styles, and personalized finishes, you can have high-quality impact windows that are made in your perfect vision.

Tampa's Top Custom Window Designs

At HPA, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” solution; that’s why we offer a wide range of window designs that address all of our customers’ unique style and performance needs. In addition to providing a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes, our team can design impact windows in many different styles including: 

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When you choose HPA for your window replacement project, you can expect high-quality service by local professionals who care about your wants and needs. From consultation to installation, our team will be by your side to make your Tampa home the best it can be!

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