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Custom design your windows to meet your needs!

In today’s world, replacement windows can be anything you want them to be. They don’t have to fit any “mold”—they can be custom made precisely for your home. That includes impact-resistant windows – you don’t have to forgo beauty for strength.

White vinyl inside and out. Several exterior color options to complement or contrast your new windows to your home. Specialty windows in a wide variety of shapes—from circles to half rounds, trapezoids to pentagons and much more—to make your home look even more contemporary and distinctive. The appearance of divided-lite windows, but with the grids between the glass to eliminate maintenance.

DuraShield V Windows offer you all of these choices, so that you can truly design your new windows to meet your personal needs and preferences. When you choose DuraShield V Windows, you can be assured that your home will look stunningly beautiful and unique.

Style & Simplicity

Maintenance Free with Design

Another important consideration when buying windows and doors is the fresh, clean and beautiful appearance that you can admire — without spending hours on maintenance. You can choose many different window styles that will fit your home’s aesthetics perfectly. Enhancing the look of your home’s exterior and interior with DuraShield V’s bright, clean windows.

Our popular Double Hung window has two operable sashes that allow cool breezes in during those crisp cool morning and evenings. The tilt-in sashes are simple to operate and allow you to clean the outside of the glass from the comfort of the interior of your home. The special-formula vinyl frames can be cleaned with most cleaners and continue to be clean and bright for years.

Our Sliders and Casement windows allow the same cool refreshing breezes in. Their styles give a different look to standard windows providing a unique aesthetic to your home. Picture windows give you an unobstructed view of your surroundings allowing you to see Florida’s natural beauty from the comfort of your home.


Maintenance Free with Neat™ glass

You can also choose Neat™ glass which is pretty darn neat. That’s what homeowners think. A little sun, a little rain and — voilà — clean windows, thanks to Neat™. What’s more, you get all the performance benefits of our low-e glass — a cooler home in the summer and a warmer one in winter. Finally, here’s one more Neat™ advantage — Neat™ allows more visible light transmittance and has less exterior reflectance than ordinary low-e glass. Sounds neat to us.

The science of Neat™. It’s not magic but close to it. A variety of different technologies go into manufacturing Neat™ glass. But the key technology — the one that helps windows stay cleaner longer — is the super-thin coating applied. Using a patented double-sputtering process, applying an invisible, durable and permanent coating of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide.

Silicon Dioxide makes Neat™ glass exceptionally smooth. In fact, it’s much smoother than ordinary glass. So water disperses evenly, “sheets off” and evaporates quickly, greatly reducing water spotting. Titanium dioxide reacts chemically with the UV rays, causing organic materials that are on the glass to decompose. It works even on cloudy days, as 80 percent of UV radiation gets through cloud cover. Then when it rains, the decomposed dirt is rinsed away, leaving the glass almost spotless. Result?

Homeowners can spend less time washing windows and more time enjoying the view.


Decorative Grids

Internal grids will give your DuraShield Windows the look and feel of true divided-lite windows—without the hassles! Because they’re between the glass panes, these grids allow for easy cleaning. Choose from a contoured or flat design, and with numerous patterns and color options to match your new windows perfectly

Color Options

A color-matched house is now a reality! White vinyl inside and out. Several exterior colors. DuraShield windows offer you many options to complement or contrast your new windows to your home. There’s no doubt you can find a color combination that makes your home look stunningly beautiful and unique!

All Speciality Shaped Windows are custom-made for a custom-fit to ensure your new DuraShield windows have an air-tight seal.

Specialty Shapes

DuraShield picture windows are available in many specialty shapes, all custom built to fit your home’s uniquely shaped openings perfectly-and to enhance the beauty of your home. You can choose from DuraShield windows in practically any shape you can image-from Circles, Half Rounds, Trapezoids, Eyebrows, Quarter Rounds, Triangles, Pentagons, Ellipses and more.

High-performance, impact-rated glass for storm protection, comfort, efficiency and more.

The NFRC rates the following:

U-Factor is a measure of rate of heat loss through a product and shows how well a fenestration product insulates.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a measure of rate of heat gain that passes through a product and shows how well the product blocks heat caused by sunlight. Solar heat gain is particularly important during the summer season because it reduces the time cooling systems must run.

Visible Transmittance measures the amount of light the product lets through. The higher the VT, the more light you see.

Air Leakage is a measure of rate at which air passes through spaces in the window. It is measured in
cubic feet of air passing through one square foot of window area per minute; the lower the AL value, the less air that will be transferred through the product.

All DuraShield Windows are ENERGY STAR certified and provide the superior energy efficiency for your climate region—which will save you money on your home energy bills and significantly enhance the comfort of your home.



ENERGY STAR is a dynamic government/industry program  designed to help individuals and businesses protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. The program
helps consumers quickly and easily identify energy-efficient products that help save money and protect the environment for future generations.

ENERGY STAR certified windows help reduce energy costs, increase a home’s comfort, and protect against UV damage. These products are also better for the environment—because they reduce green house gas emissions—and for the country because they reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil. In fact, installing ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors shrinks energy biils-and carbon footprints-by 7 to 15 percent compared to non-qualified products.

DuraShield V Windows with high-performance glass qualify for the ENERGY STAR label—so they’ll help you save money on your energy costs, while protecting the environment

Standard features that make DuraShield Windows better than the rest

DuraShield windows far exceed all industry standards for energy efficiency, as well as air and water penetration and durability. These windows are built with the finest materials and the newest manufacturing technology to ensure that they will last for the lifetime of your home.

 DuraShield Duraseal Design