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Home Performance Alliance (HPA) has over 10 years’ experience serving the Florida market. We have over 200 dedicated professionals whose only mission is to provide superior products and best-in-class customer service for each one of our homeowners. We accomplish this mission by having a superior product line made exclusively for our customers, Durashield™ manufactured by Custom Windows Systems, A Pella Company and a dedicated team of customer service agents located right here in Florida – no 3rd party agents or foreign/out-of-state call centers.
All of our products are made in the USA and engineered specifically for Florida homeowners.

Products & Services

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Custom Quote

We will confirm an appointment day and time that is convenient for you. One of our factory trained and certified representatives will inspect all of your windows & doors for: leaks, mold, mildew, cracks, security, function and more. We will ask you necessary questions to determine your needs, concerns and wants. We will show you a working sample of our exclusive line of Durashield™ windows and explain exactly how our products will help make your home more energy efficient and safer from wind-borne debris. 

Contact us now to receive a quote.

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Find out if you live in an impact zone

Replacement Windows, Hurricane and Impact Windows, Interior and Exterior Doors & more!

Home Performance Alliance has been serving Florida for over ten years.  In that time we have become an industry leader with our superior product lines.  
Home Performance Alliance’s product lines include: Vinyl Replacement Windows, Hurricane/Impact Windows, and Exterior Doors.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

HPA provides only quality vinyl replacement windows for its customers. Installation is done by our knowledgeable and trained contractors, which gives you, the homeowner even more confidence in our superior services to you.
When you allow HPA to supply and install your vinyl replacement our team will:

  • Assess your windows for cracks and leaks, mold and mildew, security issues and general function
  • Bring working samples and photos of previous jobs
  • Take accurate measurements
  • Ask appropriate questions to identify your requirements and desires
  • Pay close attention to details
  • Answer all your questions
  • Address all your concerns

Here’s more about our superior quality replacement windows:

  • Expertly crafted long lasting vinyl frame replacement windows
  • Energy efficient ― keep water and air from coming into the home
  • Robotically sealed corners so windows stay square and will never need maintenance sealing

DuraShield windows far exceed all industry standards for energy efficiency, as well as air and water penetration and durability. These windows are built with the finest materials and the newest manufacturing technology to ensure that they will last for the lifetime of your home.

Structurally Reinforced Vinyl Frame – with all corners fused together at high temperatures for extraordinary strength—has multiple internal chambers to provide optimal insulation

Special-Formula Vinyl (UPVC) – is known for its exceptionally clean, smooth surface that keeps DuraShield windows looking beautiful for decades.

Stainless Steel Constant Force Balance System – gives you fingertip operation of even the largest double-hung models.

UPVC Frame – has 8 air chambers for structural stability and to mitigate the transfer of heat or cold through the frame.

Easy-pull tilt latches – on double-hung models let you “tilt in” sashes to make window cleaning a breeze.

DuraShield Impact Glass – featuring three panes of glass, a tough 0.090 PVB laminated interlayer, a solar Low-E coating, argon gas, and the Intercept spacer system— provides exceptional storm protection and superb thermal efficiency.

Auto Lock – The positive action lock, once unlocked, resets itself, then locks knowing that once the window is closed, it is locked automatically when the sash

Duraseal™ Warm-edge Spacer— provides exceptional storm protection and superb thermal efficiency.

Triple-fin weather stripping – Located on all sashes interior, exterior and at the interlocking meeting rail, to minimize drafts, dust and pollen. The gasket between the sash and seal to keep the outside heat and humidity from infiltrating your home.

Structural interlock in bottom sash – Our interlocking sill-sash rail keeps the sash in place against the sill dam weather stripping when the window is under extreme wind-load stress. This heavy-duty metal reinforcement enhances the strength and protective properties of these windows, which prevents the meeting rails from warping and improves the durability of the window. This ensures DuraShield V Windows provide you the best structural protection available during violent weather.

Windows Sarasota
Windows Sarasota

DuraShield Impact Windows

Rated for 125 mph wind-speeds. Impact windows provide protection against both storm debris and intrusion without the need to put up shields. They can installed in non coastal homes. They passed ASTM Large Missile Impact tests. They carry between a DP =/- 45 and DP +/- 50* rating in accordance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s standard for air, water and structural wind load testing.

  • ASTM E-1300-04 40534 Negative design loads based on, Tested Pressure and Glass Tables
  • ASTM E-1300-04 Positive design loads based on, Tested Pressure, Water Infiltration Test Pressure and Glass Tables
  • Impact Glass
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Vinyl Frames

DuraShield V Impact Windows & Doors prevent nefarious individuals from crossing the threshold of your home.

Exterior Doors

Our home remodeling lines include exterior doors, patio doors, custom doors, and sliding glass doors. Also, HPA is South Florida’s first and best choice for expert door installation.
Ten years of satisfied customers shows that we have what you need when it comes to door solutions.  Do you have a beautiful home exterior, but need to perk up the entry door?  Home Performance Alliance has the right entry door to make your home’s exterior aesthetically appealing to all who knock on your door or ring the doorbell.  Bring the scenery of your beautiful South Florida area inside with custom doors or new patio and sliding glass doors.
Educating the customer is an important component of the service so you understand the value of violent storm defense and energy efficient doors and windows. The fun part of the installation process will be picking out the right doors for your needs.
As industry leaders we go the extra step to assure our customers that we are knowledgeable and sure of our products that we supply for you.  We are also licensed, bonded and insured. So, you can be assured that Home Performance Alliance will meet and exceed your expectations, with our nationally rated and Energy-Star qualified products. There is nothing too good for our customers. Contact us today.