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When Home Performance Alliance does your exterior doors, you unlock the many possibilities for exterior door solutions.

If you live in Tampa and surrounding counties and you want to increase the value of your home, begin right at the front door by installing brand new exterior doors from Home Performance Alliance.  The results from replacing your exterior door are obvious.  First of all a new exterior door from HPA will immediately provide energy savings that will be appreciated.


  • A new and efficient exterior door increases your home’s security giving you added peace of mind
  • A new exterior door from HPA will increase your home’s curb appeal, making it stand out in your neighborhood
  • In the event of resell that new exterior door will give buyers a positive first impression even before they enter your home.

You can choose from a variety of smooth and woodgrain designs. Because your exterior door is custom designed for your specific desires, your choice of style is alright with us.  Living on the coast might have given you a penchant for coastal décor.  We can handle that.  Maybe you are modern or contemporary preferring a very clean lined and minimalistic style.  We’ve got what you want.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team of representatives will happily help you to pick out the styles and designs you want for your exterior doors.

Whatever your exterior door needs, we have the solutions at Home Performance Alliance.

When you contact us for your in-home custom quote you will begin the experience of receiving the services that have satisfied so many other customers and you will find out why for more than ten years we have been industry leaders in windows and doors.

Here’s what you can expect during your in-home custom quote:

  1. We will inspect all your doors and windows for leaks, mold, mildew, cracks, security, function and more.
  2. We will bring working samples and show you photos of completed work.
  3. We will measure all the openings from the inside to get an accurate measurement.
  4. Ask you necessary questions to determine your needs, concerns and wants.
  5. Educate you on storm protection codes and products.
  6. Share with you valuable information on making your home more energy efficient.
  7. Explain our products, services, installation and permitting procedures.
  8. Go over all warranties, licenses and insurance certificates.
  9. Give you an exact estimate and inform you of any promotions available. Estimates with a retail price are valid for one year.
  10. ​Discuss available finance options.

Your satisfaction is our passion and we will strive to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work.  Because we are so passionate about your projects we have determined to reassure you we are indeed the right choice for your exterior door solution.  We believe that our ability to deliver consistently exceptional customer service is important to our long-term success therefore we utilize the expertise of Guild Quality, a third-party customer satisfaction survey company  to help monitor what our customers think of our products and services.

The outcome of your project will depend on the people you hire and the materials you select.  We are licensed properly, bonded and insured; with $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance and workers compensation. Our consultants as well as our installers and service reps are factory trained.

Call us today 727.538.4140 and join the hundreds of other customers in the South Florida regions who are 100% satisfied with Home Performance Alliance


A Gorgeous Entryway Made Just for You

Your doors make the first impression. They have a huge impact on your home’s entire design. So why would you settle for boring and uninspiring when you can have beautiful and customized entryways — statement doors created just for you.

High-performance door systems crafted with important details like precision factory finishes, top-of-the-line hardware and essential security features. Together, we throw standard aside to provide you with the highest quality doors available.

Serving Florida for more than 10 years, HPA has tens of thousands of satisfied customers that will attest to our excellence in home improvement. All of our installation crews are experienced, certified and highly skilled carpenters, ensuring a successful installation and beautiful new look for your home. We earned our reputation by taking product recommendations seriously. That’s why we researched all the available options to find the top door products for Florida consumers. We offer a premium product and a service level that’s first class in the industry


Entry Doors Glass & Hardware

All of our doors are customizable and come with premium options like exclusive glass designs and name brand hardware. Unlike the other guys, we don’t take shortcuts. We focus on the important details so you’re left with a high-quality, stunning door that you can be proud of.


Premium designs packed with performance

Make a statement with one of our stunning decorative glass designs, which are all available in low-e. That has a direct benefit on your home’s energy efficiency by reducing heat flow and air leakage.


Smooth, plug-free design

Our Silhouette™ seamless glass frame adds an extra touch of elegance with its plug-free design that secures the glass internally. Say goodbye to unsightly fasteners or screw holes and hello to uninterrupted beauty. The exclusive frame design artfully conceals the fastening system for a seamless architectural appearance


The look that’s just right

Your selected hardware and locksets are beautifully finished to match and are preinstalled for superior ease, quality and appearance.


Doors delivered damage-free

With traditional door packaging, it’s not uncommon for products to arrive damaged. That’s unacceptable. So we invested in a new kind of packaging — highly engineered from top to bottom to protect our door systems from damage and you from frustration and delays.



The Entry Doors Door System

Not all doors are created equal. Some manufacturers substitute lower quality components to save a few bucks. But at Entry Doors, we don’t accept mediocre. We assessed all available product options and selected the absolute best for your door system.


Engineered, weather-resistant construction

We deliver complete door systems. Every door is prehung in a highperformance frame that’s engineered with advanced composite materials that, unlike pine, resist damage from rot and weather. Plus, our engineered sills block out air and water. Believe it or not, many others don’t. As a result, you get a door with greater strength and less maintenance than traditional wood.


Crafted to evoke the look of real wood

Other door manufacturers may build their products with a protruding proud edge and right away, you can tell it’s not a real wood door. We don’t do that. All of our doors are manufactured with smooth, square edges to evoke the look of real, solid wood.


Coordinated weather stripping colors that match, not clash

We put care and attention into every part of your door, ensuring that you’re getting a masterfully designed entryway. For example, we let you pick your weather stripping color. Others might pick white as the standard, but with a black door, that just won’t cut it.


Entry Doors Paints & Stains

Make an impact the moment someone steps up to your entryway with exceptional aesthetic details that you simply won’t find on stock doors. Our factory finishing techniques ensure a smooth, consistent look — every order, every time. Painting doors on the jobsite can lead to errors or damage. We avoid these issues by taking care of the finishing process so your contractor can focus on installing your new door


It’s something you see, not feel

We apply all of our stains by hand to give an authentic wood appearance that’s smooth to the touch like real wood. Other door manufacturers think a textured surface is acceptable, but when you look at real wood, you don’t feel a woodgrain texture, you see it.


Expertly applied for the highest aesthetics

All of our doors arrive factory-finished in your choice of popular paint or stain color under factory-controlled conditions. Our state-of-the-art equipment, expert finishing techniques and baked-in seal help provide excellent consistency and durability, every time.